Custom Beam Barn Kits for Horse Stables, Horse Barns, Living Quarters, & Livestock

We are a full custom design and manufacturer of all wood horse barns. All of our barn plans are designed specifically for your needs.

What’s included

  • All of our barn designs are post and beam construction.
  • Our barn frames use rough sawn Eastern White Pine timbers.
  • We use 8 x 8 posts with 8 x 12 headers as a standard with engineered 1/4 plate steel brackets.

The following material is included with every lumber package and amounts will vary according to package purchased. All lumber is bundled and labeled for specific use. We include a 15% overage on tongue and groove to make sure that you will have more than enough to build. We are available to answer any and all questions, from you or from your builder. 100% of ALL telephone calls will be returned.

  • 8″x 8″ posts
  • 8″ x 12″ headers
  • 3″ x 8″ roof rafters
  • 2″ x 6″ siding nailers
  • 4″ x 8″ loft beams
  • 2″ x 6″ planed tongue and groove loft flooring
  • Kiln dried tongue and groove for roof deck
  • Kiln dried tongue and groove or 1″ x 8″ board and baton siding
  • 1″ x 4″ exterior trim boards
  • 1″ x 10″ fascia boards
  • 2″ x 12″ stringers (2) and 2″ x 10″ material to construct stairs to loft
  • 1 or more sets of custom made sliding doors, track and trolleys included.
  • 3 sets of architecturally designed blueprints

Please note that our plans are designed for agricultural use. It is our experience that the vast majority of states do not require an architecturally stamped print for agriculture use. If you are planning to use this building for commercial or residential purposes you may need a blueprint that is stamped by an architect from your state. This additional expense (if needed) is the responsibility of the Purchaser.

What’s not included

  • We do not include any labor, windows, roofing, or nails.
  • We ship our lumber packages nationwide; however freight is not included in the sale price. Most of our lumber packages will fit on one flatbed semi for delivery to your area. We will be happy to provide a freight quote for you.

Things you will need to do

  • Necessary site work
  • Install individual footers for beams per local building requirements; we recommend hiring a concrete contractor.
  • Contact your local builders to get estimates to erect your lumber package.
  • Order roofing material. We recommend sheet metal; however other roofing materials such as shingles could also be used. Contact us for more information on the price our customers have paid for roofing as this is a cost that is subject to local variables. Roofing your horse barn may be a project that you will prefer to turn over to your builder.
  • Consider adding any electric, plumbing, or concrete options. Again, your builder will be able to assist you or guide you in the right direction. Also contact us and we will be happy to speak with you about the many options and examples of price that our customers have paid for their custom barn features and additions.


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