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Why Home Inspections Are So Important When Buying a Home

Shelter is one of the basic needs; thus, a lot of people are scouting for ideal places to settle down. Whether you’re looking for an apartment or a house in the countryside, you must know what action points to consider before you make that final decision. Keep in mind that you’re shedding out a significant amount of money, and when you sign that contract, there’s no way out.

Buying a house may sound simple, but this involves so many things that could lead you into deep regrets if not taken into consideration. Contract clauses, lawyer’s fees, and realtors service charges are just some of the primary expenses you need to shoulder. Due to the many costs, you need to settle, and you might consider skipping other factors like home inspection just to cut some costs. But there are many reasons why you should not do this at all.

There are many reasons why a home inspection is a necessary step when you purchase a house. The following are some of the vital factors why you should contact a home inspector beforehand:

Health Safety and Protection

Regardless if you’re living in that house alone or with your family, you must have it inspected for protection purposes. Properties that are available through auction and short sale can mostly pose hazard to health due to molds and worst sanitation. Furthermore, it’s impossible for you to detect carbon monoxide and radon on your own, only through home testing that you can determine the safety of your future place from these. By hiring the services of a Long Island home inspector (, you’ll be able to know more of the property, especially critical information, and back out from your contract in case the results don’t meet your standards.


Valid Discount

If you have an allocated budget for this property purchase, then this could be an exception for you. But generally speaking, most buyers would want to negotiate for a discount, especially if the price is way higher than their set budget. A home inspection can be a perfect negotiating tool for you as this could determine what kind of repairs and maintenance you need in case you say yes to the offer. After getting a detailed report from your inspector, it’s more comfortable to ask for a price reduction or asks the other party to meet you halfway.


Legal Matters

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to involve yourself in any legal case after purchasing your dream house, right? And you can avoid such and be assured of a peaceful life if you decide to submit your home for inspection beforehand. The latter can expose garage, rooms, or even basement that are illegally completed or lack necessary construction permits. Remember that buying a house that doesn’t exist legally is a BIG NO as this could backfire to your taxes, insurance, property value, and more.


Determine Extra Costs

Sealing the deal involves a large amount of money, and spending more on future repair costs is undoubtedly a nuisance. And this is the specific reason why you should undergo home inspection before you finally say yes. The inspector you hire can surely point out issues on plumbing, compressors, water heaters, etc. Such experts can recognize the present state of the property and pinpoint possible costs involved, including the service life of some equipment and structure. It’s surely beneficial if you are working on a budget or forecasting your expenses.


Long Term Investment

Home inspectors are credible sources of information. They do not only save you from making a wrong decision or signing a bad deal but also provide helpful tips to keep your home safe and in perfect condition. By submitting your property to a home inspection before closing the deal, you are sure that other matters such as insurance, taxes, and others are not affected and will be accessible at any time in the future.

These listed reasons above are just some of the valid points as to why a home inspection is ideal when you’re making a purchase. As an investor or a buyer, it’s your responsibility to understand what you are getting yourself into and finding an expert company like Long Island Home Inspection to help you. A skilled Long Island Home inspector can identify possible threats, reveal issues with the inner workings, and educate you of what you can do to make a wise investment.

Contact one of Long Island home experts now and get accurate answers to your questions.